Your wedding day is likely to be the #1 most planned event of your life.

You’re spending months of preparation just to make sure everything is perfect for those special moments. Why not have them captured on video with the creative and emotional artistry that they deserve?




At KSPcinematic, we want to capture your special day in a way that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Our Wedding Videography includes:

  • A dedicated team of 3 professional videographers
  • Multiple high definition cameras filming your wedding in it’s entirety
  • Unique “floating” camera angles using the KSP Cinematic camera boom
  • Multiple high quality microphones capturing every moment in crisp clear audio 
  • Professional “feature film” style editing of your full length wedding ceremony 
  • A custom highlights video featuring your most cherish-able moments synchronized to a song of your choice 




“Words cannot begin to express how amazing this is.  I never expected to be so very touched.  You did an outstanding job.  I am so very overwhelmed with emotion.”


Basic Wedding Videography

Wedding Ceremony Filming Only
Includes 3-5 high definition cameras and at least 3 videographers, full-length wedding production video, highlights video to a song of your choice, and 5 custom DVD or BluRays of the professionally edited finished product.

Wedding with Reception Package

Filming The Wedding Ceremony and Reception
This adds 1-2 high definition cameras and at least 1 videographer for your reception. We typically film highlights for the first three hours as we've found that this is when the main festivities take place. The footage is edited and included onto your wedding DVD or BluRay disks.

**Please note that you are only seeing the “highlights” videos for each package. You also get your full length wedding and reception footage, captured by multiple cameras and professionally edited together like a feature film.

Wedding Story Package

Contains all filming elements described above with the addition of full day filming of the wedding preparations.
Includes filming during the wedding preparations, wedding, and reception with extended highlights video including 1-3 songs of your choice and live audio from the wedding.

All payments are accepted in three installments with only 1/3 down as a deposit to secure the date.

“I couldn’t think of a better group of people to have at our wedding.  You truly made our day that much more memorable just merely by your presence. “


“Amazing job! I love the remix of the congrats cam. You and your wife did a great job! if you ever need someone to give a testimonial to a potential client or something I’d be happy to do so. We are completely satisfied with your work.”


“Absolutely beautiful!!  You guys did a fantastic job with everything!”